10 Thoughtful Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas!

Hi everyone! This is my first Christmassy post of the month and it’s very much overdue. There’s less than two weeks until Christmas and it’s time for some stressful last minute shopping for friends! I actually really enjoy buying presents – I enjoy it more than receiving presents because there’s nothing better than spending time searching for the perfect, most thoughtful gift that you know your friend will love and most importantly, a gift that they will actually use.

It can be really difficult to find thoughtful gifts for your friends, especially if it’s just a stocking filler or secret santa present – we tend to save our money and buy easy, rather than thoughtful gifts, but I have a few suggestions that will save you the stress and help you find the PERFECT gift for your all your friends!


1. For those friends who love photography and own a Polaroid camera, they will love a pack of film or a beautiful magnetic frame for those special polaroids.


2. For your friend who is stationary OBSESSED, a unique stationary pad from an independent stationary shop will 100% complete their life and get them ready for the new year ahead. These are my favourite stationary shops:

3. For those that love a little luxury, a beautiful designer phone case will put a smile on their face (of course, make sure you know what type of phone your friend has).

4. If you have a friend who is always the life of the party, loves a good laugh, then they will also love a quirky novelty present – a little something like Cards Against Humanity.


5. Do you have a friend who is constantly going on about aesthetic things? They will absolutely love anything from Urban Outfitters, but in particular, I would gift a jewellery holder or some cute desk decor that will make their room look ~aesthetic~ af.

6. Any technology lovers in your life? If they don’t already have one, a pop socket makes the perfect practical gift! I have one and I don’t know how I ever existed without it.

7. For the book lovers, this personalised book stamp is the gift of DREAMS!


8. If you have an artsy friend whose taste is extremely unique, these gorgeous handmade wire earrings from Etsy are ideal!


9. For your friend who has a gigantic wish list of things they want to do, but somehow they never get around to actually doing them – gift them an experience. Do they want to go to a theatre show? an escape room? afternoon tea at Sketch? Surprise them!

10. Lastly, for the friend who never wants anything and is SO difficult to shop for, you can never go wrong with FOOD!

If you’re doing some last minute Christmas shopping this weekend, I hope you find this list helpful! Let me know in the comments if you have any gift suggestions for all the different personalities in your life 🙂

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