My 2019 New Year Goals

I don’t think I can remember a single New Year’s resolution that I have ever made, and that’s because I usually make a New Year’s resolution with no intention of actually sticking to it. For 2019, I want to do things differently – clearly, I can’t keep a New Year’s resolution but what I can do, is set myself realistic and achievable goals for the year. I’ve spent some time reflecting on the absolute rollercoaster that was 2018, and I have put together five goals that I genuinely want to achieve by the end of 2019!

If you’re like me and you don’t take your New Year’s resolution seriously, I would definitely suggest taking some time to think about some realistic goals that you want to achieve for yourself, whether they’re personal, career or blog related goals! I put all my goals together on a vision board to help keep me motivated throughout the year:


My 2019 Goals

1. Read 50 books

In 2018, I managed to watch 50 movies, but unfortunately, I have severely neglected my bookshelf of unread books. Instead of watching another 50 movies, I want to challenge myself to read 50 books by the end of 2019. I know that actively reading makes me a much more introspective, thoughtful and reflective person so I want to put more effort into a hobby that will improve my mind, body & soul.

2. Write a short-story

When I was a teenager, I would spend all my free time reading and writing, but now I’m in my 20’s and it’s very easy to give in to the immediate gratification of Netflix when I’m bored. In 2019, instead of binge-watching Friends, I am going to work on a short-story. I have a bunch of unfinished prologues scribbled down in my journal so hopefully I’ll be able to turn those jumbled thoughts into something worth reading.

3. Discover my personal style & my own beauty routine 

Sometimes the clothes that I wear or the way I style my hair can make me feel quite uncomfortable, because it just doesn’t feel like me. I have no morning routine, night time routine and I have no sense of personal style, but recently I have been working on establishing some wardrobe essentials for myself, as well as experimenting with some natural every day make-up. I think a signature perfume, a dress code and a morning routine can really make such a difference to the way you feel, so next year I want to start feeling more comfortable in my own skin, from the inside and the outside!

4. Pursue happiness 

Most of the time, situational circumstance can get in the way of the life that I want to live and sometimes that can make me feel really down, unmotivated and pessimistic about life. But I want to change my attitude, try to be as optimistic as possible and never stop pursuing a life that I want to live. I have many goals, ambitions and desires – there’s no reason why they have to remain a fantasy in my head so in 2019, I’m going to manifest all my dreams into reality.

5. Travel to Copenhagen

This is one of my most unreachable goals, but I have wanted to visit Copenhagen ever since I first watched the 2014 film with the same name. For me, Copenhagen is more than just a travel destination, a bucket list item to tick off the list – it symbolises adventure. I have never travelled abroad for pleasure; I have travelled with my family and I have travelled to visit my family, but I have never travelled abroad just for the fun of it. I would love to visit Copenhagen sometime in 2019, either alone or with a friend, just to experience authentic travelling for the first time.

Those are all my goals for 2019! I plan to write a follow-up post at the end of the year to see which goals I have managed to achieve. I’m hoping for all five!

What are your goals for 2019?

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